Old Engine Inn, Stoney Lane, Coleorton

"The Knoll" formerly the "Old Engine Inn" is located down a track just off Stoney Lane leading to what was Elverston's Yard.

Built circa 1800 and prior to the 1825 Licencing Act coming into force it was run as an Ale House when it was only necessary for a location to be given to local licencing records and not a name. Following the act it was thought to have been named after the atmospheric fire engine which was installed just beyond ajoining Willow Cottage to pump water out of the nearby Boultbee's Mine.

In 1851 there were a total of 9 families living in the tiny hamlet at Elverston's Yard who in addition to the miners working in the mine further down the track would have used the inn.

The Old Engine Inn finally closed its doors to the public in 1908 after which time it became a private residence.

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