Coleorton House History Project

Sometime ago we acquired a small leather bound book with parchment pages. This was owned by Canon William Beresford Beaumont who recorded all the tenants who lived in the houses in Coleorton between 1875 and 1900. We'd like to do the same and have launched a “House History Project” to record present day homes, their history and their current and previous occupants.

It's interesting to see how houses were adapted to the lives of the people who lived in them, and the structure, methods and materials used reflected the industrial history of the time.

After launching the project in June 2022 we have had several responses and promises of more. It does take time to research and collate information about your house; however, to get started just send the basics - address, your name and how long you've lived there and when it was originally built if you know that. We can add more later. Also, it may help to come along to the next "Sleuthing" event when we will be looking at old photos of buildings as well as people. You may find that your neighbours know something more about your house's history, especially if they are long-time residents of Coleorton.

If you live in Coleorton and you'd like to help with this project we'd love to hear about your house. Email Terry or Shaelyn Ward on or phone 01530 835701.

Here's a couple of template forms to help with recording basic information, but you can putin plenty of free text too. Any photos would be helpful too:

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Elliott family Kidgers Row 1930s

Elliott family outside back of cottage around 1930. See Kidgers slaughterhouse and butchers in the RH background.

Froggarts Cottage 2006

Froggarts Cottage in 2006