Millennium Garden and Sign

Millennium Garden, Coleorton

The Millennium Garden is located at the junction of the old Ashby Road and The Moor.

The Coleorton 2000 Committee, which later became Coleorton Heritage Group, was initiated in 1998 to devise a way of commemorating the new millennium. It developed the Millennium Garden in a plot of land kindly donated by Joan Cull, erected a commemorative sign and organised various associated celebrations and events. The sign was designed by local resident Marian Walsh and carved and painted by artist Isabell Lynham. Time and the elements have taken their toll in the last 11 years so Isabell has refurbished the sign to bring it back to its original state. The newly refurbished sign was re-erected on 24 August 2011.

Death of Joan Cull

We were sorry to hear of the death of Joan Cull in April 2021. Her funeral was held on 6th May at Loughborough Crematorium. She was well-known in the village, a local land-owner who supported Coleorton and its people in many ways.

See Joan, standing on the right of the photo, at the launch of Millennium Garden in 2000 >>

There are 3 benches from which to enjoy the garden and have a rest when out walking (or jogging!). One is dedicated to George Neal who was Farm Bailiff for the Beaumonts at the beginning of last century.

In December 2011 a replacement plaque acknowledging the donation of the land by Mrs Cull was erected on the end of the fence around the Millennium Garden.

The coat of arms depicted is that of The Beaumont family. The motto "Erectus non Elatus" means "Proud but not arrogant".

School children from Viscount Beaumont's School planted a "Time capsule" under the sign with many items for future children and heritage lovers to find one day, including coins, stamps and small toys.

Re-sown grass bythe Millennium GardenThe Garden is maintained by Coleorton Parish Council, and in 2020 - 20th anniversary - they have given it a real spruce-up. The hedges have been cut back, shrubbery has been tidied, the brambly plants along the fences have been removed and the grass reseeded. The Covid business has put a temporary halt to other activities such as repairing the benches, replacing the brass dedication plaques and replanting the area under the sign. The Heritage Group hope to get out and help with replanting as soon as we're able.

Refurbished Millennium Sign 2011
Dedication to Ken Cull

Dedication to Ken Cull

Bagshaw Family dedication

Bagshaw Family dedication

George Neal, Coleorton Farm bailiff

George Neal, Coleorton Farm bailiff

11 March 2021 the Millennium Sign
was devastated by very strong winds

Millennium Sign and post blown over

This morning we were alerted to the sad situation in the Millennium Garden on the junction of The Moor and the Old Ashby Road. The whole sign and post had blown down by those awful winds we had last night.

Members of Coleorton Heritage Group have collected the pieces of post, the sign and the housing and have removed them for safe-keeping. The Parish Council and the Heritage Group will be assessing the damage and what's required for restoration.

Update 19/04/2021

Mike Cox, Mick Specht and David Merriman fixed the new oak post this evening. Photos at Spotted in Coleorton

The top part with the sign will be erected in a few days.

09 April 2021 Mike Cox has nearly completerd the repairs to the Millennium Sign

Repaired Sign New post

Mike Cox has repaired the Sign which had broken in the crash. A new post was purchased and fashioned to replace the old one.

We are now making plans to re-erect the post and sign in the Millennium Garden.

Millennium Sign is up again!

Repaired Sign

Group Treasurer and carpenter Mike Cox has repaired the Sign which had broken in the crash. A new post was purchased and fashioned to replace the old one.

Mike Cox, Mick Specht, Chas Dillon and David Merriman erected the repaired Sign this evening (23 April). Thanks guys!

Replacing the Sign

Replacing the Sign

The wrought iron brackets have now been put up - after shot-blasting and re-painting. The two brass plaques have still to be replaced.

Photos at Spotted in Coleorton

Repaired Sign

18th May: Plaques replaced

Mike Cox got out his trusty hammer drill to make fixing holes in the granite cairn and replaced the the brass plaques using new brass screws.

All back as it should be.