Communal Bakehouse update 2021

In 2019 Vena Jaques transferred the ownership of the Communal Bakehouse which stood in her garden to the Parish Council. This has secured the Bakehouse for the residents of Coleorton. The Parish Council and the Heritage Group have now embarked on a programme of further restoration and improving access. You can see in the photos below what a difference has been made already.

Members of the Parish Council have worked hard to clear rubbish and undergrowth from the area (BIG THANK YOU!) and the Bakehouse footpath is on the parish grounds maintenance schedule so gets mown regularly. With the easy-access gate it's becoming a pleasant area to visit and access the footpath over to Prestons Lane.

New gate at the Bakehouse New fencing at the Bakehouse Clear footpath at back of Bakehouse

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Bakehouse ruin

Bakehouse destroyed in 2010

Bakehouse restored

Bakehouse restored

Bakehouse Plaque Bakehouse ovens before restoration The Bakehouse from The Moor