"Coleorton's Memorials & Memorials - what they mean to us today"

Saturday 8th October 6.30pm at Viscount Beaumont's School

Unfortunately our scheduled speaker Ric Kasini Kadour was unable to be with us on Saturday but members of Coleorton Heritage Group presented "Coleorton's Monuments and Memorials".

We create memorials and monuments for many reasons: gravestones to remember loved ones and celebrate their lives, to mark an event or the passing of time as with our Millennium Garden, to send a political or religious message and sometimes a mixture of all these, for example war memorials. We showed some of the monuments and memorials that have been erected in our village and consider why, what message they were intended to convey and how we see them now.

In September our local church, St Mary's, held an Open Day for the public to be able to view inside the historic church, especially the beautiful stained glass windows. Each of the windows is dedicated to a local person - including Revd Francis Merewether, rector for 49 years, Canon Revd Beresford Beaumont, rector for 37 years, William Briggs, church organist and head teacher of the local school for 32 years - beautiful windows - memorials - paid for by friends, family and the congregation, in order to celebrate lives of men and women who contributed so much to Coleorton and to ensure that they would be remembered for generations to come.

Other local memorials include the Reynolds cenotaph erected by Sir George Beaumont 7th bt in the grounds of Coleorton Hall in memory of his artist hero and friend and the Coleorton War Memorial.

We explored how we view monuments and memorials and how our understanding of past community helps us to do history today. Followed by questions and interesting discussion with the audience.

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Reynolds Cenotaph at Coleorton Hall

Reynold's Cenotaph at Coleorton Hall

Window at St Mary's church in memory of Canon Revd William Beresford Beaumont

Refurbished Millennium Sign 2011

Millennium Sign refurbished in 2011

Blue Plaques

We have launched "the Coleorton Blue Plaque" scheme to commemmorate buildings and sites in the village which have historic significance.

Research Resources

We have brought together some sources of information about social, family and economic history of Coleorton.


We publish articles in local press inc. Community Voice, St Mary's Church monthly email magazine and on the Coleorton website.