The parish of Coleorton has an extensive network of public footpaths. Some say this is because workers at Coleorton Hall would walk the shortest distance across the fields from their outlying cottages. But looking at some of the footpaths on the map they seem much more random. We also have parts of The Ivanhoe Way which is a circular route around Leicestershire and the Mining Heritage Trail.

We often organise guided History Walks around Coleorton parish.

Coleorton History Walks September 2019

We did two walks during the "Hello Heritage 2019" fortnight in September, largely following the Coleorton Heritage Trail, but somewhat shortened and including some other interesting bits.

History Walk Sept 2019

Walking through School Field towards St John's Chapel

If you have any questions about our walks email Sandra at heritagegroup@coleorton.org.uk or phone 01530 440000.

Coleorton Heritage Trail

In 2012 the Coleorton Heritage Group devised a Heritage Trail which takes in a number of historically interesting sites as well as providing an interesting and scenic route. The Trail takes 2-3 hours (depending on how long you spend stopping and looking) Coleorton parish is quite spread out with groups of houses and lots of fields in between. Although now considered rural/residential Coleorton has a history of mining and other industrial activity like frame-knitting and spar bauble-making, as well as some notable literary connections and interesting characters.The Trail will give you a flavour of life back then - as well as a gentle walk around our lovely parish.

More about the trail and a downloadable map >>.

Coleorton History Spring Walk
Sunday 28 April 2019

The weather was reasonable - no rain and a light wind. We started off from Coleorton Wood car park. Coleorton Wood is the site of Coleorton Colliery no 3 - or Bug & Wink as it was known later in its life. Terry Ward told us about mining in Coleorton and the dreadful conditions the miners - men and women and young children - had to endure to make a living. We heard about Terry's great uncle Jim Platts who had two pet foxes and the history of the previous Queens Head Inn on The Rowlands.

The Rowlands is actually in Swannington Parish and that was where the Baptist Chapel was built, because The Coleorton Beaumonts would not allow non-conformist churches within the Coleorton parish boundary. The chapel you can see now has been remodelled into a delightful family home. An earlier chapel stood in the field to the side, but is no longer visible.

Despite much new building there are still several cottages over 200 years old with interesting history. Some were used as "spar shops" for making baubles which tradesmen sold as ornaments and souvenirs at the increasingly popular seaside resorts like Weston-super-Mare.

We then walked along Prestons Lane, across The Moor to the Millennium Garden and along the old Ashby Road to Viscount Beaumont's School. From there across the fields back to The Moor to visit the Communal Bakehouse before returning to Coleorton Wood car park.

Walkers on the Coleorton History Walk

Walkers on the Spring Walk April 2019

Walkers on the Coleorton History Walk

Walkers on the History Walk September 2018

Footpaths in Coleorton

There are plenty of footpaths to explore in Coleorton and several local groups arrange guided walks and group walks. Coleorton footpaths >>

Coleorton walk