Daffodils on the A512

Daffs at Coleorton February 2021

Every year we are greeted with the glorious sight of daffodils in the grass verges where Lower Moor Road and The Moor join the A512. They are the first signs that Spring is on the way and really cheer us up during the last cold, grey days of winter.

They were planted by the children and parents of Viscount Beaumont's School with some help from the Coleorton Parish Council and W.I. who bought the bulbs. Erica Smith who was a teacher at the School for many years remembers that the Council also helped with provision of a mechanical digger.

We're so grateful to all the people concerned with this project which has brought cheer to us all every Spring.

Some years the daffodils flower really early. They are obviously an early-flowering variety, and in 2014/2015 they were even starting to flower at the end of December!

Wordsworth wrote his poem "I wandered lonely as a cloud.." in 1807. Was he influenced by other daffodils he saw growing around Coleorton then as well as the lovely Lake District?

The photo above was taken on 17th February 2021. The one below on 31st January when they were just peeping through.

Daffs at Coleorton January 31 2021

Here are some photos of daffodils in previous years:

30 January 2020

Daffs at Coleorton January 30 2020

17 January 2019

Daffs at Coleorton January 17 2019

7 January 2018

Daffs at Coleorton January 7 2018

31 December 2014

Daffs at Coleorton December 2014

February 2014

Daffodils on the A512 at Coleorton Daffodils on the A512 at Coleorton Daffodils on the A512 at Coleorton