Coleorton Calendar - March 2022

The Millennium Garden

The Millennium Garden is located at the junction of the old Ashby Road and The Moor.

The Coleorton 2000 Committee, which later became Coleorton Heritage Group, was initiated in 1998 to devise a way of commemorating the new millennium. It developed the Millennium Garden in a plot of land kindly donated by Joan Cull, erected a commemorative sign and organised various associated celebrations and events. Read more >>

11 March 2021 the Millennium Sign was devastated by very strong winds. The oak post shattered and the Sign was broken. It was a sorry sight.

But we all worked together to take the remains of the Sign and post into safe keeping and Mike Cox did a wonderful job creating a new post and repairing the shattered Sign. On 23 April an intrepid team re-erected the post and sign.

Over the years the Garden had become a little untidy and shapeless, as gardens do. So during the last 12 months a working party from the Coleorton Heritage Group together with the Parish Council have beem working to bring it back to its orginal glory: the shrubbery tidied, dead bushes removed, brambles cleared, the area under the sign weeded and new shingle laid, post and rail fence repaired. The plan now is to repair or replace the benches and replace the brass plaques which have become somewhat tarnished over the last 20 years.

Some sad news during 2021 - Joan Cull, who had donated the land for the Millennium Garden, passed away.