Archaeology of Coleorton:
digging to understand our past

Archaeological Excavations at Coleorton

This article is based on a report by Matthew Beamish from the Historic Environment Record Office at the Leicester University Archaeology Service.

Detailed archaeology excavations carried out in 1992 revealed the remains of medieval dwellings. The excavation was done when the new A512 was built to relieve the Old Ashby Road so involved disturbing land away from the existing roads and buildings.

Remains of habitation going back to the 12th Century were uncovered, along with newer buildings in 15th, 16th and 17th centuries.

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Map showing the area of the dig:

Area of the dig at Coleorton

Surviving earthworks

Surviving earthworks at at Coleorton

Coleorton Pottery

Before the recent residential development (The Glaze) an archaeological dig took place on the site by the University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS). See their report here (pdf) >>. Small amounts of broken pottery were found within the various trench digs, and the remnants of a former mine shaft was uncovered.

Coleorton Pottery c 1915

Coleorton Pottery c 1915

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Caliphat Colliery: Site History and Excavation Report

Completed c1999 by peter neaverson of Leicesterdhire Industrial History Society

The report includes discussion of mining in the surrounding area inc. Coleorton Common, peggs Green.

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Thermal imaging

"Airborne Thermal Investigation of Mining Activity in the Coleorton region" by Claire Fleming and John Carney, British Geological Survey