Coleorton Fishpond and Bridge

Fishpond Bridge

Photo taken November 2020

If you have walked along the Old Ashby Road towards Viscount Beaumont School you will have come across the bridge over the fishponds and brook. This is commonly known as "Fishpond Bridge". It was originally built in 1826 by the Sir George Howland Beaumont, the 7th baronet, but was updated and extended in 1938 to cope with additional traffic.

Read its intriguing history in the article Terry Ward wrote for January's Community Voice magazine >>


We receive many enquiries from people researching their family history and sometimes accompanied by photos and stories. We'll try to include more on the Families section of this website as time goes on. Following publication of the article about Orlit posts a member of the Bradford family got in touch to tell us that her father had been a member of the Royal Observer Corps and sent us a newspaper clip. Subsequently further Bradford family members have been in touch so we hope to share their stories too.

Blue Plaque update

The plaque by Fishpond Bridge had started to look a bit drunk! the problem was that the ground was very rocky there and the post would not stay firm. We didn't want to screw it to the stonework of the bridge (it's Grade II listed) but Mike Cox thought up a clever scheme to attach the plaque to the bridge without screws or damage. Hopefully it will stay put for a long while.

This also gave us the opportunity of erecting the plaque for Bell Cottage whose land adjoins the bridge. Links to more information about all Coleorton Blue Plaque sites >>

Working Group Meetings

Our active members usually meet every month or so to organise activities and coordinate research. Meetings have been put on hold for the while but will resume as soon as we are able.

In the meantime we'd love to hear your stories and together build our knowledge of Coleorton heritage. Call Sandra on 01530 440000 or email to let us know you're coming.

Change of email address

Our main email address has changed to:

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The Coleorton Heritage Group

The Coleorton 2000 Committee was initiated in 1998 to devise a way of commemorating the new millennium. We developed the Millennium Garden in a plot of land kindly donated by Joan Cull, erected a commemorative sign and organised various associated celebrations and events.

More recently the group has been concerned with researching, recording and making publicly available local heritage, social, industrial and family history. We also support various restoration projects, for example the Bakehouse. So the name was changed to "The Coleorton Heritage Group".

Further information from or phone Sandra Dillon (Chair) on 01530 440000

We send out a newsletter every month or so with news about our activities and events. If you would like to receive our newsletter please subscribe >>.

Blue Plaques

We have launched "the Coleorton Blue Plaque" scheme to commemmorate buildings and sites in the village which have historic significance.

Research Resources

We have brought together some sources of information about social, family and economic history of Coleorton.


We publish articles in St Mary's monthly parish magazine, Community Voice and on the Coleorton website.